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Jul 20th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

I think we’re a clone now

Soundtrack: “Weird Al” Yankovic — I Think I’m A Clone Now

Congratulations! You made it! There is more than just you in your startup. You are looking for co-founders. You are hiring your first set of employees. Life is good.

And then you fall into the trap. You surround yourself with people who are like you. You all come from similar backgrounds. You all think alike. You all even like the same things. It’s awesome. You are one big family where you all get along just great.

And you just cheated yourself and your startup out of one of the most important success factors: Diversity. Study over study shows that diverse teams (with diversity in background, ethnicity, gender) simply perform better. They deliver better results, they build better products and they create more value. And trust me — they are also much more fun.

Whenever I see your typical Silicon Valley boy band startup I puke.

Seek out people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Foster a culture of open, constructive discourse. It will do wonders for your startup.

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