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Dec 20th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Finding Your Purpose

The following guest post is from my wonderful wife and fellow Heretic Jane Finette, an executive coach with a deep passion for helping people find and be their brilliance.

Until very recently my life purpose was an illusive, shy beast that I was starting to question even existed. You see I’d been on a search on and off for at least 6 years, and even with an extended sabbatical to find ‘the’ answer — it refused to show itself. The harder I looked, the more I read, the more I contemplated, the further away it ran from me.

Sound familiar? Have you been looking for your reason for being You see the answer is right there — in the ‘being’.

The mistake I made and what I see others doing, is trying to find the answer to ‘What should I be doing?’. When the real question you need to ask yourself is who am I being?

This isn’t as easy as it seems. We are blind. It seems impossible for us to know. Why is that? Because your purpose is so deeply part of you and has been for so long, that it’s almost invisible. You don’t notice, or see it as a skill, as an important thing. You forget the person you are naturally, is unique. There is only one representation of you in the world.

Furthermore, we tend to confuse purpose with vision, goals and legacy. Those are all equally important — they drive us to action, to impact. But it’s the who we be every day, that is the why you are here. AND, when we get conscious about that + fuse with what you want to see happen, untold fulfillment and greatness in the world can happen.

If you are on your search for purpose, here are a few things to try whilst on your journey:

(1) Find a pattern.

It might surprise you to know you have already been living your purpose your whole life. It most likely started when you were a kid in the playground, it followed you to college, it was there in your first job, it’s there’s right now. Who were you being back then, and who are you being now? The helper? The warrior? The one that inspires? The one that truly sees?

Take some time to observe the patterns of your behavior. Think about who are you at home as well as at work. Often we only think in career terms, but you are creating impact with your purpose everywhere.

(2) Take the Strength Finder test.

This test is one of the best out there. I have used it dozens of times with my staff, clients and I’ve even given to friends. The test focuses on identifying your natural strengths as your most valuable assets. In my humble opinion, it has never been wrong. It allows one to truly understand one’s key strengths, and the sum of this can nudge you toward uncovering your purpose.

(3) Ask someone!

Seems simple, and it is. Since becoming a coach, if I had a dollar for every-time some told me I’m clearly a coach, I’d be a wealthy woman by now. As mentioned above, my trouble was not asking who am I being? Others can see you better than you can see yourself. Ask them. Also ask people you’ve just met, after only 10 minutes they can tell you too. You see, you can’t help but be yourself, you are always being you.

Believe me, you have been living your reason for being every day of your life. Just ask yourself — who do you be? And be happy!

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