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Jun 9th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Falling in Love

You know how they (well — I in this case) say that “Ideas are cheap and plentiful”?

Now — A great idea is never enough. Great entrepreneurship comes down to execution. It’s about the thousands of little (and sometimes big) decisions you make along the way. It’s about putting yourself out there and creating room for serendipity (what some people call “luck). And it’s about falling in love with the problem you want to solve.

As you dig deeper and deeper into the problem space your discoveries will guide and lead you; you will hit walls, learn, adapt and build expertise. All of which will lead you to create something your market truly wants.

Don’t love the idea. Love the problem you want to solve.

(Kudos to Eric Paley of Founder Collective for putting this notion into much more eloquent words than I ever could in his new column in Inc. Magazine)

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