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Dec 13th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Everything You Need Is Right Here

On Sunday I wrote a little note about my whacky Heretic Network idea. Little did I know how much a nerve I struck: We are now up to nearly 90 Heretics (and growing) from pretty much all over the world and with wide ranging areas of expertise.

This not only makes me super happy, massively proud of this tribe (you!) but also shows me that we have everything we need to do whatever we want within our reach. From PhDs with a big data background to UX experts who worked on some of the most defining products in the last couple of years to serial entrepreneurs who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in their career — they are all part of our network.

In a bigger sense this confirms my believe that we are our network and that we usually have all the resources we need well within our reach if we just ask.

So: ASK!

Make use of this amazing network, don’t be shy to reach out to folks and ask for help. When you do so — treat these people like the messiah; they all lead busy lives and kindly offered their time, expertise and network to help. Pay it back by being nice and pay it forward when your time comes.

P.S. Let me end this with a personal anecdote: Pretty much exactly to the day a year ago (December 9th) I wrote a piece on a litmus test to figure out if you love or hate your job. tl;dr — if you go to bed and you can’t sleep for excitement for what the next day will bring you have the perfect job. It’s 2:39 AM and I can’t sleep — I am just too darn excited about my work! :) I wish you all, if you’re not at this point in your life at the moment, that you’ll find it soon! This is how life should be.

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