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Aug 19th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Creating User Delight

Last week one of my favorite Heretics sent me this:

“Hi Pascal,

I read this article, and it made me think of one of the most important elements of making great product: delight. Giving users something special, unexpected, remarkable, or fun. It’s what makes a human connection and inspires love, not just utility.”

Yes. Yes indeed.

When you create a product or service you need to start with utility. Table stakes. If you don’t have utility, the rest is pretty meaningless. But it’s just that — utility. Table stakes.

Then you create delight. And that’s where you get your users. The magic moment when people start loving your product. And trust me — once you have people loving your product or service you’ll be fine. All the other pieces will take care of themselves.

There are a million ways to create delight. Find one which you are passionate about and do everything in your powers (and beyond) to delight your users. It can be exceptional service (hello Zappos!), it can be amazing usability (good day beloved Mission Workshop bags), it can be phenomenal design (well, hi there dear Apple) or it can be the whimsical easter egg in YouTube.

Whatever it is — delight is your honey pot.

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