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Nov 26th, 2012 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Okay. I have to write this.

After sending my daily dose of rant to you guys today, my wonderful wife pointed something out to me. She asked me (after a longer discussion) why I don’t turn my energy into facilitating positive change. Which is a good point.

Personally I believe that I do what I can to make things better — I work for an organization I whole-heartedly believe in. I am in a position where I can (and hopefully will) drive more positive change than ever before. And I spend every opportunity I get to mentor and help young entrepreneurs become their very best. But that leaves something out — YOU.

We are a tribe. Knowingly or not we all share some of the same attributes, outlooks, ideas. If that wouldn’t be the case you would not read this email. So here’s my challenge to you: On the back of my email from earlier today — let’s inspire change in those around us. Go and find someone whom you believe in, someone who needs your help, who will benefit from your guidance. And then mentor her to be her very best.

Trust me: I’ve been doing this for years and it is one, if not THE, most amazing and rewarding thing you can do. And when you’ve done this send me an email and I will share your experience with the tribe.

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