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Dec 22nd, 2012 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Happy Holidays

My dear Heretics,

What a crazy ride! A couple of weeks ago I thought about creating this little, weird experiment where I would send out a newsletter (like it’s 1995) to share some thoughts and observations. Thanks to you it has been one heck of a fun time — thank you for subscribing and thank you even more for your feedback, the engaging discussions and your thoughtful emails.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday time — relax, enjoy some time off and get ready for one crazy 2013. Regardless what you do — I am sure that 2013 will be an incredible ride!

Make this your song for 2013 — I grew up on this and it became the official (well…) song of my platoon when I was a drill sergeant in the German air force:

Extrabreit — Flieger grüss mir die Sonne…

Happy Holidays guys!


P.S.: I will resume a more regular schedule of posts after the holidays.

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