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The Extra Mile

When was the last time you really wanted something? When you wanted it so bad that it hurt?

What was it? A job? Funding? A deal?

And what did you do? Did you get on LinkedIn and personally reached out to the hiring manager or someone in the organization? Did you research the partners in the VC firm to deeply understand how they tick, what kind of deals and entrepreneurs they fund? Did you build a relationship with your counterpart for the deal first and worked out how you can make their lives better?

When you did all this – did you call the front desk, asked for the person and left a personal message? Did you follow up with a handwritten note even if you didn't get what you wanted?

Whatever it is you want. Go the damn extra mile, because I can promise you… it might be lonely but it‘s certainly not crowded.

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Mon, Feb 08, 2016



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